Gerald T. Bowes
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Creating excellence by optimizing information processes, management, and communication.



Personality Type: Myers-Briggs ENTJ (a.k.a. "Field Marshall") with extensive training in interpersonal communication. Natural public speaker. Happiest with well defined goals and driven to clarify and minimize ambiguity in tasks and projects. Strategic and systems oriented yet very detailed and closure focused. Strong on process, knowledge engineering, and operational accountability and constant improvement.
Technical Strengths: Technical Support, Linux and Cloud Systems Administration, Knowledge Engineering, Testing, Training, IS Tools, Project Management, Test/Sysadmin Automation, Web Enabled Database Application Design and Implementation (LAMP)
Tool/Languages: Perl DBI, DBD, PHP, HTML, Oracle/Sybase/MySQL SQL
Communication: Competent Toastmaster. Presentation, proposal, technical training, and white paper authoring experience.



7/10 - Pres: Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA

Service Engineer

3/10 - Pres: Mankind Project

Web ApplicationDevelopment Coordinator

11/07 - 3/10: Taos, Santa Clara, CA

Senior Computer Systems Consultant

5/07 - 11/07: Netcerto, Palo Alto, CA

Senior Computer Systems Consultant

Computer consultant for small to medium sized businesses, predominantly in the fabless semiconductor industry.
2/05 - 5/07: Vormetric, Santa Clara CA

Senior Support Engineer

6/01 - 11/04: Mindsource/Siemens onsite at Microsoft, Mountain View, CA

Unix Enterprise Support

1/01 - 5/01: Cisco Systems (Internet Network Equipment Manufacturer)

Web Applications Developer

5/99 - 12/02: PLX Technology , Sunnyvale, Ca. (PCI Interface Chips)

Sysadmin, Workflow Applications Developer

8/98 -4/99: Juniper Networks , Mountain View, Ca. (Internet Routers)


4/95 - 6/98: Chromatic Research, Sunnyvale, Ca. (Multimedia Processors)

Senior Applications Developer, Webmaster

As system administrator, database applications developer, and webmaster engineered and supported IS infrastructure through company growth from 100 to over 350 employees, supporting 70 unix workstations and servers and over 500 Win95 PC's. Managed call queue of 20-30 calls a week as well as database application development and maintenance.

8/92 - 4/95: SGI, Mountain View, Ca. (Unix Workstation Manufacturer)

Senior System Administrator

Provided "hands and feet of the helpdesk" system administration support for the SGI product divisions. Provided all aspects of system management, setup, and application configuration and consulting. Managed two contractor sysadmins to cover users in 12 buildings over the SGI Mountain View campus. Additionally provided project development and consulting on several web and database projects including:

8/92 to 6/96: Taos Mountain Software, Mtn View, Ca. (Unix Consulting)

System Administration

Silicon Graphics, 1/95 to 6/95

Software Testing and Customer Support Engineer

Quorum Software, Menlo Park 9/93 - 2/94

Unix Customer Support Engineer

Silicon Graphics, North American Field Operations HRC: 3/93 - 9/93, 2/94 - 11/94

Data Base Consultant, Developer

Silicon Graphics, Business Development: 2/93 - 3/93

Worked with Fastline organization to define, design, productize and deploy a sales call tracking and management system based on the SGI Tracker product development system. Implemented basic system and added capability for automatic email call submission and customized reports using Tracker dml language and UNIX utilities and perl.

Taos In House Infrastructure: 8/92 - 2/93

7/91 to 8/92: Unix Central, Sunnyvale Ca. (Unix SW Catalog Reseller)

Product Line Manger

Responsible for a third of the roughly 100 products in the Unix Central catalog. Surveyed industry for good success opportunities, completed technical and marketing evaluation of candidates, managed vendor negotiations, generated product positioning and catalog advertising copy, and completed gathering of all details needed for successful telemarketing/telesales efforts. Additionally completed initial and new product refresher training for group of 15 telemarketing/telesales reps.

MIS, Sales Application Engineer

Set up network of Sun4/280 server with NeWSprint, Cabletron 10BaseT repeater hub and ethernet terminal server (Oem Xyplex 1800), pc's using pcnfs, and HPIIIsi printer to enable company to begin operations on sales lead management X-terminal setup. Served as initial Sun Unix system administrator, Informix database administrator, and MIS manager for system consultants. As sales applications engineer performed following:

4/91 - 7/91: WYSE Advanced Systems (386/486 MPX Unix Systems)

Software QA Engineer

On Contract to Software QA department for testing of latest version of Wyse Unix V.3.2.1A including port of the Veritas volume manager product. Also starting pre-alpha testing of Wyse version of Unix V.4.

7/90 - 1/91: Informix Software, Menlo Park, Ca. (Unix RDBMS products)

Secure DBMS Product Marketing Manager

Provided product definition and marketing plans and technical certification proposal for OnLine/Secure, a high performance multimedia OLTP DBMS designed to meet B1 level security assurance defined by the National Computer Security Center (NCSC) of the U.S. National Security Agency.

10/90 - 5/94: Golden Gate University, Los Altos, Ca. Branch Campus

Associate Professor/Instructor: Small Computers in Business

Teach computer business applications overview course for evening Bachelor degree program. Teach hands on orientation to applications of Lotus, WordPerfect, and dBase.

6/89 - 4/90: Minx Software, San Jose, Ca. (Unix MRP software)

Computer Systems Sales Engineer

Provided VAR relationships, hardware marketing strategies, Minx sales tools, and all sales systems to migrate Minx from a software to a turnkey solution vendor.

8/87 - 4/89: Mad Intelligent Systems, San Jose, Ca. (Lisp/Unix based distributed RDBMS and EIS development tools)

Program Manager, Database Integration Products

Customer Support Engineer

5/78 - 9/83: Nuclear Submarine Officer, US Navy


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