Business and Computer Systems Solutions

Past Projects Projects

Project Name Description
Cicso RABU BCG Lab Equipment Management System Perl, Postgres web application to manage reservation and tracking of $1.2M of telecom and network equipment for various groups in the RABU business unit.
MKP Community Portal PHP, Mysql portal to manage membership, training calendars, FAQ, helpdesk, men's group process library, communication preferences, org chart, and survey utility.
Stanford Technology Consulting Group CMDB PHP, Mysql application to manage contact information, and inventory and relationship for hosts, applications, licenses, security compliance, and patching schedules for 300 hosts and 95 internal customer groups. Integral tool used for major minimum security compliance audit.
Yahoo Rewire Program Host Migration Tracker PHP, Mysql interface to manage migration of roughly a quarter million hosts hosts from high cost colocation rented data center space to lower cost Yahoo owned and operated data centers.

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